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M-Line Scan

Designed for fast integration of challenging machine vision solutions
• GigE compatible, for easy connection to M series processors
• 1K and 2K line scan cameras with C or F mount lensing
• Scan at up to 56,100 lines per second
• Camera settings fully controllable by IMPACT software
• Trigger I/O on camera eases integration

 Brand Model Imaging Interface    Resolution FPS Format (inches)
 PPT M510 Monochrome     Gig-E 1024 18.7K 10.24mm CCD 
 PPT M520 Monochrome
 Gig-E 1024 35.7K 10.24mm CCD 
 PPT M530 Monochrome
 Gig-E 1024 56.1K 10.24mm CCD 
 PPT M540 Monochrome
 Gig-E 2048 9.7K 20.48mm CCD 
 PPT M550 Monochrome
 Gig-E 2048 18.7K 20.48mm CCD 
 PPT M560 Monochrome
 Gig-E 2048 29.2 20.48mm CCD 

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