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Spectro Scope

Parameters are set using the Windows® based COLOR4-Scope Software:

Using Windows® representation of the color value on a PC in numeric form and in a color chart, and representation of RGB values in a time chart.  Additionaly the current RGB values are displayed as a bar chart. 

The RS232 interface is used for setting parameters such as:
- Averaging over a maximum of 32768 values
- Number of colors to be checked
- Light power of the white-light LED
- Automatic light power control ON/OFF
- Pulse lengthening up to 100 ms max.
- External or continuous trigger
                                                                            - Minimum intensity required for color evaluation                                                  

The Windows® user interface facilitates the teach-in process at the color sensor and supports the operator in the task of adjustment and commissioning of the color sensor.

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