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The HOBL series of LED Back Lights provide high output diffuse light. Lights are specifically engineered for high speed packaging and bottling lines.

Light uses a microprocessor to monitor the high power LED’s during operation. If an LED failure is detected, an LED error output becomes active. Temperature compensation circuit monitors the light and adjusts the intensity to maintain a stable level of output during operation.

Thin profile at only 30mm. Housing is constructed in aluminum extrusion to dissipate heat. Standard 8mm T-slot channel is used on light for ease of mounting.

Light runs in constant mode at 15,000 or 30,000 Lux. Strobe Only version of light increases the output to 100,0000 Lux. 0-10 VDC analog intensity control is available. SB is available in light output of Red, Green, Blue, White, UV and IR.

3 Output Models
15,000 Lux in Constant Mode - No Heatsink
30,000 Lux in Constant Mode - Heatsink
100,000 Lux in Strobe Only

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