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Sentry 9000


Sentry 9000 Hardware Platform

The Sentry 9000 hardware platform features a powerful CPU that enables the support for multiple camera integration with area and line scan cameras. The inspection results from multiple cameras can be combined into an integrated display. The result from one camera can be used to control the inspection of another camera. Dynamic image acquisition with auto exposure control adjusts for lighting inconsistency. The camera supports binning (electronic summing) of pixels to increase light sensitivity and sub-windowing of the image to increase processing speed. The camera can operate with cable lengths of up to 125 ft.

Versatile Processing Unit

  • High Performance CPU
  • Integrated Support for Area and Line Scan Cameras
  • Multiple Camera Integration
  • Flexible Image Trigger
  • Direct Digital I/O Signal Interface
  • LCD Touch Panel
  • Compact Factory Ready Industrial Package
  • Variety of Communication Interface Options

Adaptable Processing Environment

  • Inspect Complex Inspection Regions
  • Organize Tools in Tasks, Folders, and Subroutines
  • Process Loops and Conditions
  • Expand On-demand - Add Cameras as Needed
  • Record and Playback Inspections for Quick Test and Validation
  • Manage Multiple Product Styles with Table Driven Inspection Paradigm
  • Facilitate Project Sharing and Standardization with Libraries

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