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 Dark Current
  Dark current is the accumulation of electrons within a CCD or CMOS image
 Dark Field Illumination
  An illumination technique where the angle of incidence of the light relative to the surface of the object is less than 90 degrees (directly on top). As the degree of the angle decreases, less light reflects off the object's surface, thus darkening the field.
 Dark Noise
  Dark noise is the statistical variation of the dark current, equal to the
 dB  abbr. of decibel
 DCAM  DCAM = digital camera specification
 Decibel  Decibel (abbr. dB) is a measurement unit of dynamic range.
 Depth of field
  Depth of field refers to the in-focus region of an imaging system.
 Deviation Factor
  Determines the sensitivity of the algorithm. Values range from 0 to 1, with 0 being the most sensitive to  noise. The lower the Deviation Factor, the closer the pixel value must be to the mean value to be selected as part of a particle.
 Diffused Back Light Illumination  A combination of back lighting and diffuse illumination, typically used in measurement applications.
 Diffuse Illumination   Lighting that is uniform, soft, relatively non-directional and lacking in concentration. The opposite of point illumination.
 Digital   A method of storing, processing and transmitting information through the use of distinct electronic or optical pulses that represent the binary digits 0 and 1. The opposite of analog.
 Digital Camera
  A digital camera is an electronic device to transform images into electronic
 Digital Photography
  Digital photography uses an electronic sensor to record the image
 Dilate  Dilation increases the brightness of each pixel surrounded by neighbors with a higher intensity.
 Directional Back Light Illumination 
 Distributor   A supplier of machine vision products manufactured by others
 Dome Lighting   A spherical light source that provides even diffuse illumination
 DSP   Digital Signal Processor: a specialized digital microprocessor used to efficiently and rapidly perform calculations on digitized signals that were originally analog in form
 Dynamic Range  The ratio of the maximum signal relative to the minimum measurable signal sensor that are generated thermally rather than by light. This is a form of noise that is most problematic in low light applications requiring long exposure times.

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