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 Halogen Lighting   A type of incandescent lamp containing a small amount of halogen
 HDR Mode
  HDR = high dynamic range
 HID   High-intensity discharge lamps
 High dynamic range  In the high dynamic range mode various nonlinearity points, the so-called knee-points (and integration time as a second parameter) can be freely adjusted, leading to increased dynamic range. This enables the high dynamic range of the sensor to be compressed into 8 bit, preserving interesting details of the image. This mode is also known as multiple slope.
 Histogram  Displays the total number of pixels in each grayscale value. From the histogram, you can discern if the image contains distinct regions of a certain grayscale value, and you can select grayscale pixel regions of the image by sliding the white and black
 Horizontal binning  In horizontal binning adjacent horizontal pixels in a line are combined in pairs. This means that in horizontal binning the light sensitivity of the camera is also increased by a factor of two (6 dB). Signal-to-noise separation improves by approx. 3 dB. Horizontal resolution is lowered, depending on the model. See also: vertical binning and full binning
 Host computer  Host computer is the primary or controlling computer for a digital camera.
 HSV Color Space
  The HSV (hue, saturation, value) model, also called HSB (hue, saturation, brightness), defines a color space in terms of three constituent components: • Hue, the color type (such as red, blue, or yellow). • Saturation, the vibrancy of the color and colorimetric purity. • Value, the brightness of the color
 Hue  A hue refers to the gradation of color within the optical spectrum, or visible spectrum, of light. Hue may also refer to a particular color within this spectrum, as defined by its dominant wavelength, or the central tendency of its combined wavelengths. For example, a light wave with a central tendency within 565-590 nm will be yellow. In an RGB color space, hue can be thought of as an angle P in standard position. The other coordinates are saturation and brightness.

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