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 LED Light Emitting Diode: a special type of semiconductor diode that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light
 Lens  A multi-element optical system (for purposes of the MV market study, single element lenses are not considered lenses but rather sub-components.)
 Lenses for 3-Chip, Beamsplitting Prisms   All fixed focal length lenses used with 3-chip CCD or CMOS color cameras (regardless of their other possible characteristics)
 Lens Mount
  The lens mount describes how the lens physically connects to a camera and the flange distance. The flange distance is the distance from the back flange of the lens to the sensor in the camera. 1) Any camera may use a lens equal or greater than the format of the sensor.   For example, a 1/2" format camera may use a 2/3" format lens. 2) F-mount lenses are compatible with C-mount cameras.  An F-To-C mount converter is required to use F- mount lenses with C-mount cameras. 3) F-mount lenses are compatible with CS-mount cameras.  A 5mm extension tube (C-To-CS mount converter) and F-To-C mount converter are required to use F-mount lenses with C-mount cameras. 4) A C-Mount lens will work with a CS mount camera by adding a 5mm spacer, but a CS mount lens will NOT work with a C mount camera. Mount Specifications: C 1" x 32 TPI thread and 17.5mm flange CS 1" x 32 TPI thread and 12.5mm flange F 44mm 3 tab Bayonet and 46.5mm flange
 Lighting  Products used to illuminate objects to be acquired and processed. Radiation produced by these products is either visible, (400 to 700nm) or invisible, of which there are two major types: ultraviolet (below 400nm) and infrared (above 700nm).
 Line Light
  Lighting configured as a line, providing narrow, intense illumination
 Line Scan Camera
  Cameras that use sensors that consist of a single row of photodectors. Also called a linear array camera.
 Linux  Linux is an open source Unix-like operating system. Because of its robustness and availability, Linux has won popularity in the open source community and among commercial application developers.
 Little Endian
  Byte order: little units first (compare: big endian)
 Local Threshold: Background Correction  Performs a background correction to eliminate non-uniform lighting effects and then performs thresholding using the interclass variance thresholding algorithm.
 Local Threshold: Niblack  Calculates a threshold value for each pixel based on the statistics of surrounding pixels. This algorithm compensates for high lighting variations.
 Loockup Table Exponential  Exponential Applies an exponential transformation on the image pixels, which decreases brightness and increases contrast in bright regions.
 Lookup Table Equalize  Increases the intensity dynamic by distributing a given grayscale interval [min, max] over the full grayscale [0,255]. This function redistributes pixel intensities in order to provide a linear cumulated histogram.
 Lookup Table Gray Scale Value  Improves contrast and brightness by applying a lookup table to an image. A lookup table (LUT) contains values used to transform the grayscale values of an image. For each grayscale value in the image, the corresponding new value is obtained from the LUT
 Lookup Table Logarithmic
  Logarithmic Applies logarithmic transformation on the image pixels, which increases brightness and contrast in dark regions.
 Lookup Table Reverse
  Reverse, Reverses the pixel values, producing a photometric negative of the original image.
 LUT  See Lookup Table
 Lux  The lux (symbol: lx) is the SI unit of illuminance. It is used in photometry as a measure of the intensity of light, with wavelengths weighted according to the luminosity function, a standardized model of human brightness perception. In English, lux is used in both singular and plural.
 LVDS  Low Voltage Differential Signaling: a type of camera interface based on the RS-644 standard, which replaced RS-422

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