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 Oblique Illumination  The use of oblique (from the side) illumination gives the image a 3-dimensional appearance and can highlight otherwise invisible features. A more recent technique based on this method is Hoffmann's modulation contrast, a system found on inverted microscopes for use in cell culture. Oblique illumination suffers from the same limitations as bright field microscopy (low contrast of many biological samples; low apparent resolution due to out of focus objects), but may highlight otherwise invisible structures.
 OCR OCR = Optical Character Recognition
 OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer: a company that offers a product that uses machine vision as a value additive feature rather than as an essential component of the product. Vision is treated as a value adder and thus does not represent the central functionality of the product.
 Offset  Offset is just the same as the brightness control on your TV. It is a positive DC offset of the image signal. It is used primarily to set the level of black. Generally speaking, for the best signal, the black level should be set so that it is near zero (but not below zero) on the histogram. Increasing the brightness beyond this point just lightens the image but without improving
 OHCI OHCI = Open Host Controller Interface
 On Board Processing  Refers to the presence of compute power for image processing on an image processing board
 One-push Auto Focus
  Focus hold mode that can be automatically readjusted as required by the user (one-push auto focus trigger) assuming that the required subject is within the focusing limits of the camera lens.
 One-push White Balance
  AVT color cameras have not only manual but also one-push white balance. For white balance, in total a number of frames are processed and a grid of a number of samples is equally spread over the whole image area. The R-G-B component values of the samples are added and are used as actual values for both the one-push and the automatic white balance. This feature uses the assumption that the R-G-B component sums of the samples are equal; i.e., it assumes that the average of the sampled grid pixels is to be monochrome.
 Opaque mask  In CCD imaging technology, a light-impenetrable material that is used to shield selected parts of a photosensitive surface. Opaque masks are used in interline transfer CCDs and frame transfer CCDs.
 Open  Erosion followed by a dilation. Opening removes bright spots isolated in dark regions and smoothes boundaries.
 Open Host Controller Interface
  Interface Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) describes the standards created by software and hardware industry leaders (including Microsoft, Apple, Compaq, Intel, Sun Microsystems, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments) to assure that software (operating systems, drivers, applications) works properly with any compliant hardware.
 Open Proper
  Proper Open Finite and dual combination of opening and closing operations. Proper Opening removes bright pixels isolated in dark regions and smoothes the boundaries of bright regions.
 Optical Character Recognition
  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to the use of machine vision cameras and computers to read and analyze human-readable alphanumeric characters to recognize them.
 Optics Lenses and adjunct equipment such as irises, filters, mountings and mechanization
  An optocoupler is a device that uses a short optical transmission path to transfer a signal between elements of a circuit, typically a transmitter and a receiver, while keeping them electrically isolated. Advantage: Since the signal goes from an electrical signal to an optical signal back to an electrical signal, electrical contact along the path is broken.

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