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 Vertical binning  Vertical binning increases the light sensitivity of the camera by a factor of two by adding together the values of two adjoining vertical pixels output as a single pixel. At the same time this normally improves signal-tonoise separation by about 2 dB. >> See also: full binning and horizontal binning
 Vision Processor Board  A device similar to a Frame grabber that fits into a bay of a PC and contains complex image processing capabilities (usually more than two functions) and can include analysis (like blob analysis or pattern recognition). See "Frame grabber").
 Vision Sensor   A lower-end smart camera. A smart camera with less flexibility and programmability that is usually intended for less demanding applications.
 Visible Lenses   Lenses that use visible light
  VL   VESA Local-Bus: a local bus architecture
 VME   Versa Module Eurocard bus: a 32-bit bus defined by the IEEE standard 1014-1987.

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